Dynamically Divine: Transcendents

Transcendents is a dynamic ever-expansive collection of 5,000 dogs drawn by the amazing 1/1 artist Hyblinxx. A true community and art experience, rewarding community with our PGP platform, ever-growing trait pool made by 1/1 artists in Discovering Divinity, and focusing on longevity with our DeFi educational ecosystem.

Transcendents are completely customizable with the exception of their skins. Excluding skins, all traits can be bought, traded, swapped, competed for, and earned to make your Transcendent the exact way you want them to be.

With our partnership, within a dApp holders can connect their wallets and swap out whatever trait they would like and create the Transcendent of their dreams.

1/1 Artist ecosystem

Different artists across our Discovering Divinity program will create traits varying in rarity to make Transcendents completely ever-expansive. Holders will also have the opportunity to vote for certain artists to create community conceptual traits for the collection. 

Art and community in Transcendents will not only mean more in the standard meaning in the space but bring upon a new precedent where S-class community and art are valued and practically rewarded in a sustainably consistent manner.

This will be made possible within our Pearly Gates Passage platform and Discovering Divinity.

Divine Defi Environment

All while being able to be a part of the amazing Divine Dog community with the value that the Finance Lab and our DeFi education initiative. Transcendents will never be able to be staked for $dHALO, however, outside of that Transcendents is a direct branch of the Divine Dogs ecosystem being able to compete in DeFi educational events, bi-weekly Trivia platform, depositing any $dHALO they may have earned in DeFi, our eventual DeFi paper-trading platform, and of course of weekly Muttley’s newsletters.

Experience the euphoria of the root of NFTs with art and community while investing in the practicality of value and incentive within Transcendents.

Divine hands DAO

The Divine Hands DAO is the Divine Dog’s art value-generating branch. The mission of this DAO is to trailblaze products centered around divine art/artists to bring value to the Divine Dogs ecosystem. Whether collaborating with underexposed artists (Discovering Divinity), investing in art, or creating a $dHALO foothold of desirability through art within and outside of the community (trait shop). Transcendent holders, Discovering Divinity 1/1 holders, Divine Dogs, and DDD holders are all interconnected within the Divine Hands DAO and benefit together.

Discovering Divinity

Discovering Divinity is a 1/1 artist initiative showcasing the most talented artists across the Solana space through the Divine Dog ecosystem.

Through this program, we infuse the utility of Divine Dogs with world-class art centered around creative freedom and DivineDogs that culminates in innovative value for the DD community practically and aesthetically.

The first project within this was the Discovering Divinity 1/1 auctions. With this, we collaborated with a handful of artists that blew the standard away and created 1/1 pieces that represented Divine Dogs in their creative vision. We added perks for Transcendents and exclusive access to the Divine Hands DAO where a portion of the auction funds reside.

Many of these artists within the program will be creating their own custom traits for Transcendents that will not be available on mint but can be only gained through our trait shop with $dHALO, competition, community events, or P2P trading. These collective artists will cement their legacy on Transcendents becoming an ever-expansive collection for artists to shine and the community to trade in this economy.

Pearly Gates Passage Platform

The Pearly Gates Passage is a battle-pass type model where being a great community member on and off-chain is gamified, celebrated, and incentivized.

Supporting us on Twitter, being active within the community, and being a diamond-handed holder all are ways you can progress in your passage through the pearly gates.

Much like many “battle-passes” that are seen in modern multiplier video games, there will be refreshing seasons of variant rewards where holders will be able to earn, $dHALO, exclusive rare-legendary Transcendents traits from different 1/1 artists, entries for NFTs and SOL, and other rewards to incentivize community members to stay engaged and active within our community.


A leaderboard displaying the top community members will be present, with top community members receiving exclusive prizes like SOL, Traits, $dHALO, and even unique benefits within the Divine Hands DAO.


We will tease the unique reward tiers for the season before each one commences, showcasing unique traits, grand prizes, and special events for additional experience.


Being an upstanding community member will be consistently rewarded like never before as you prove your place past the pearly gates.


As you explore and look to unpack all the information make sure to join our Discord for any questions that may arise. This is not a Whitepaper, and some things may not be fully understandable at an initial glance. We are happy to provide assistance.


There will be 5,000 Transcendents NFTs


  • 1,840 reserved for the DD community (2 per Divine Dog and 3 per DDD pass)
  • 100 reserved for team, artists, and events
  • 1,160 WLs (including Muttley's Network partners)
  • 1,900 public Dynamic mint

Divine Dog community reserved supply can beminted with 300 of our native token $dHALO.


DD or DDD holders that do not have enough $dHALO for their full allocation can mint their remaining Transcendents with a community exclusive SOL price.


WLs will be minted in SOL and will be conversion price of 300 $dHALO average leading up to mint.


Our Public Dynamic mint will be a Strata Protocol mint just as we did our initial Divine Dogs mint. The price will start 15% higher than WL mint and bottom at WL price.


Mid-October is our target date, a specific launch date is to be pinpointed at the end of September.


The Divine Dogs community will have 24 hours in advance to mint their allocation, followed by WL for 1 hour, then public.


How Strata Dynamic mint works

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